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Hi! I'm Gummybear, and welcome to my little website! This is mostly a place for me to express my love for idols, but since I see that as a process of self-reflection, you'll probably learn a bit about me and my thoughts along the way. Enjoy your stay!

Sep 16

Ahhhh... summer is already coming to an end..... i looked chae hyungwon and shownu in the eyes right in front of them [TRUE] ........ kiki's enlisted ........ I have so many little projects planned for this site but i got into so many new hobbies! and i've been giving work my undivided attention otherwise, so i'm just now updating

BUT i did make something special for kihyun and his enlistment, of course!!!!!! you can find it if you click him on the top right of the main page here!! i also plan on adding a military wife section to the shrine with a countdown LMAO

Apr 13

LMAOOOOOO the next section of the Kihyun shrine is UP!!! Yoo Kihyun ate Whataburger in Texas!! the collage for this one took forever bc I really wanted to represent all his best yeehaw fits from Rush Hour era and I needed to get the color scheme just right. I even scanned some of my own cactus stickers that I got last month for this!! It turned out beautifully and I'm so happy with it!!! Yes.

Apr 3

Well! Figured out the music player way quicker than I was expecting!!

The only song that doesn't play right is the Excel Saga OP...but that will be fixed as soon as I get the right mp3 in there, lol.

I've also added a page for the update log, because I hate deleting things permanently and wanted to archive older updates~