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Hi! I'm Gummybear, and welcome to my little website! This is mostly a place for me to express my love for idols, but since I see that as a process of self-reflection, you'll probably learn a bit about me and my thoughts along the way. Enjoy your stay!

Mar 27


turns out winter is always Like That, even when it doesn't apocalyptically freeze over. oh well! it's fucking over now, baby!

i didn't write about it in this update section, but i finished my prince blog post & finally updated my about page like i wanted ~ ! i also started up a little monthly scrapbook for when i feel like making smaller updates, but then february was, once again, The Worst Month (even when it was kinda the best month too)

well, i just saw ive last week at the same venue i saw ~ yoo kihyun ~ & i'm still floating. spring is so great. i can't wait for summer

Dec 4

wow....i haven't updated in forever......that's crazy.......

lmao i finished my massive work project so i'm BACK after a lot of rest. finally working on a new longass blog post about prince that i'd been mulling over for YEARS. but ofc i'm so insane about him i've been making my own gifs for it and customizing it to be all purple for him, hehe

other ongoing projects have been fleshing out the links page ( btw!!!), building a boy pixel doll archive, and planning shrine pages for mitsui and prince. i also want to have dongwook and matsujun up there too but i don't have ideas for them just yet! but i have a dummy page for mitsui already and a good idea for prince...oh and i have to update my about page...


Sep 16

Ahhhh... summer is already coming to an end..... i looked chae hyungwon and shownu in the eyes right in front of them [TRUE] ........ kiki's enlisted ........ I have so many little projects planned for this site but i got into so many new hobbies! and i've been giving work my undivided attention otherwise, so i'm just now updating

BUT i did make something special for kihyun and his enlistment, of course!!!!!! you can find it if you click him on the top right of the main page here!! i also plan on adding a military wife section to the shrine with a countdown LMAO

Apr 13

LMAOOOOOO the next section of the Kihyun shrine is UP!!! Yoo Kihyun ate Whataburger in Texas!! the collage for this one took forever bc I really wanted to represent all his best yeehaw fits from Rush Hour era and I needed to get the color scheme just right. I even scanned some of my own cactus stickers that I got last month for this!! It turned out beautifully and I'm so happy with it!!! Yes.