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fellow neocities sickos with beautiful sites!!

l o v e s i c k shishka mn1ca's art ita toys shawolism bomsoup the slimezone lunospace amari ga shin da delovely Sunny Cities Sakura Dreams hunipyon reia


beautiful website materials & gif archives!! this is where i found all the absolutely beautiful pixel art & wild gifs

bitmap dreams asterism WHiMSiCAL hot choco oyone frank web sozai vivarism lost sozai peachie's collection sorahana duckyfeet the spriters resource

  • [ gifcities ] archive for old gifs, great hunting grounds for old shrines
  • [ .:The Doll Zone:. ] wonderful archive of pixel dolls! the highlight: she gives all the little dolls names :3
  • [ Victoria's Dolls ] great collection of old dolls and many other pixels!
  • [ glitter graphics ] archive like gifcities. well cataloged!
  • [ ] the german version of glitter graphics. i was able to find a TON of pixel dolls here!
  • [ sayclub dolls tumblr ] tumblr archive of sayclub & netmarble dolls with all the varied expressionsfrom the original sites!
  • [ ] massive blinkie hoard of authentic y2k blinkies in their full painful bush era cringe
  • [ レッツ未来へジャンプ ] tokusatsu tumblr that also has a great archive of sailor moon sticker scans & desserts with transparent bgs. lots of transparent bg stuff here!
  • [ oceantoyz ] invaluable tumblr archive of transparent bg stickers, toys, and any other cute tchotchkes you can think of. great for digtal collages & decorating web pages
  • [ pixelbank ] archive of pixelbank neocities i guess??? omg i can't believe this was deleted, it was a really good resource! anyway get in there. fuckload of pixel art


my favorite fansites & gifmakers!! they feed me so well!! all my idol gifs came from these places...the tumblr links might get broken tho bc people change their usernames all the damn time. also tried to dig up archived versions of some of my old favorites

manga style the oracle moon prism power sailor music ranch story ushi no tane

  • [ MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT ] all-timer monbebe fansite. tons of high quality monsta x gifs!
  • [ NUONE ] realest mbb fansite out there. gifs of all mx members including wonho and still active in enlistment era ;w;
  • [ yootopia ] yoo kihyun gifs for yoo kihyunists, but drops off after love promotions :(
  • [ indigo eleven ] kihyun & minhyuk fansite that makes incredible collages! great for phone & ipad wallpapers & collage inspo
  • [ k1122 ] lots of beautiful kiki gifs up to his enlistment, might be inactive
  • [ pennie lane ] a tonnn of lovely beatles gifs, still active!
  • [ ryeon seung ] various kpop gifs especially woodz, inactive
  • [ love music fashion flawless ] gifs of literally EVERYTHING i can't even remember what i got here
  • [ xiulog ] xiumin gifs for xiuminists, sadly inactive ~hadestown era
  • [ kitten boy ] kim wooseok gifs for wooseok sickos, inactive right after sugar era
  • [ Buby's City Hunter's Page ] archived page of an old italian/eng city hunter shrine!
  • [ Arashi for Dream ] archived hk arashi shrine! gorgeous layout! so old it's before matsujun's color was declared purple
  • [ matsujun shrine ] archived hk matsujun/arashi shrine! surpsing amount of links in the gallery still work
  • [ Final Anime...Destiny's Eyes ] Now That's What I Call An Authentic Purebred GeoCities Anime Shrine
  • [ AnImEcHiLd2004 ] archived esp anime shrine, including lots of really good slam dunk gifs


coding help & directories for materials. useful places to start digging around for making your own neocities

cinni ichigo directory neocities


lovely places online! blogs, wikias, old websites...just places i like to visit :3

legend of termina maple village feather valley

[ syosa blog ] incredible pixel artist, made a lot of pixel dolls i've really loved over the years!
  • [ shoujo manga blog ] this person uploads beautiful covers & spreads from modern shoujo manga! i love looking at these for design inspo
  • [ pixeljoint syosa interview ] very helpful interview with syosa, linked above – i learned a lot of color theory from this!
  • [ kh insider ] unreal amount of anime & video game music to download...for free...the GOAT