Apr 3

Well! Figured out the music player way quicker than I was expecting!!

The only song that doesn't play right is the Excel Saga OP...but that will be fixed as soon as I get the right mp3 in there, lol.

I've also added a page for the update log, because I hate deleting things permanently and wanted to archive older updates~

Mar 29

Wahh...I had to spend some time away because of some personal issues. It's taken some time to get back to a place where I feel like coding again, but I'm wanting to get back to it finally! Right now, I've grabbed some cute images from Vivarism & am going to work on getting a new music player for the main page...

Jan 10

MONSTA X REASON IS OUT!!! Powered by the sheer insanity of listening to the album 2000x on repeat, my first shrine is UP!!!!!! And the first idol is Kihyun of Monsta X!!!!!!!! I'm so happy with it!!!!!!!!!!! Please look at it!!!!!!!!!!!

I've decided to like, update my Kiki shrine in stages bc I am Mentally Unwell and have too many ideas for too many sections. Anyway!!!!!! Watch Beautiful Liar!!!!! KIKI HAS A WHIP!!!!!!!!!!

Jan 8

AWOOOO HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! okay i'm back from the holidays and i'm ready for more baybeeee

Links section added! New Trigun anime REAL!!!!!!! Monsta X comeback in two days!!!!!!!!!! THEY GAVE KIKI A WHIP!!!!!!!!!!!!! Let's fucking GOOOoooo


Dec 11

The blog is fully up!! I added an about page! There's a new header collage!!
I'll be adding more to the about page and hopefully getting landing pages for the shrines and links up soon.

On so much of this website I want to have a lot of little custom collages but those...take work. I'm in the process of building my shrine page, so that's the next big project! I should probably get the links page up to credit all these pretty pixels I'm using tho...

Nov 22

Finally got the blog archive and post format good to go! Now to just update them all...lol.........

I'm also adding a bunch of cute gifs and pixels all from sources but those will appear when I uh...get the links section up....

Also, it's Kihyun's bday!! Happy birthday, Yoo Kihyun, loml! Angel from heaven above!

Nov 15

Right now this site is just the bare bones of me fucking around with CSS for the first time in a long, long while. But I've been dreaming of moving my blog somewhere a little more personal, and I'm already going maniac mode daydreaming about making shrines for my favorite idols.

P.S. Stream Youth by Kihyun