call me: teddy, gummybear
age: 30s
sign: virgo ☼, scorpio ↗

likes dislikes
cutting my own hair overexposure
second locations lack of reciprocity
prickly pears hot takes
old shit poor planning
new shit that's kinda old shit being told what to do by anyone lol
being vague no public restrooms :(
crying jello
concerts :) no bridges in songs

arashi for dream coffee prince saranghanda monbebe southern sweetheart kurapika chrollo lucifer cheese rocks! beetlejuice showki i <3 my gamecube phantom of the opera moonjo x jongwoo fan de shojo do u wanna b? ewan mcgregor link exchange from exo planet i <3 thrift stores virgo i'm wacky and tacky! yeehaw..... moulin rouge! i love my ipod sailor moon charmuro i know you are but what am i pure vanilla cookie strawberry crepe cookie sylveon slam dunk

on "teddy bear tender,"

i'm the town cryer & everybody knows
i'm a little down with a lifetime to go
maybe you don't believe my heart is in the right place
why don't you take a good look at my face
other boys use the splendor of their trembling lip
they're so teddybear tender & tragically hip

The name of this site wasn't actually a dedication to a love of teddy bears. The name from an Elvis Costello song called Town Cryer from his album (my favorite? maybe??) Imperial Bedroom. I really love using lyrics for things, so they have a little soundtrack in my head. I always understood the lyric as Elvis wryly complaining about being sad the "wrong" way – like, the other boys are prettier and cuter about it.

The name was actually kind-of a roast on myself, because I originally meant to use it for a new private twitter, and naming a mopey private space after a song called Town Cryer felt ironic and apt, lol.

But then, I got into kpop, and it became my kpop twitter. "teddy bear tender" soon became my joyful alter ego, away from the rest of my Self online. Obviously, I love idols with my whole entire heart – from the Beatles to Prince to Matsujun to Kihyun. I always have, even since I was a child. I've had a hard time expressing whatever confusing queerness is tangled inside me, but embracing this side of me makes it all make a little more sense.

So, this site, then, is the ultimate form of my Teddy self. It's nice to be free. I don't really update here too often, but it's my little home away from home online. Hope you enjoy your stay and looking at my idol collage diary here.